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Please read the following testimonials we have received from people in British Columbia and Ontario who have tried the athletic training services of Airblastoff Sports. For enquiries about how else we can help you reach your peak level of physical performance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to respond to your concerns.

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Inner Strength

'Performance is the ability to overcome obstacles by reach a spiritual connection through your mind body and soul gives you the aptitude to rise at that given moment’. RE

‘I worked with Robert when he was helping me transition from a track and field thrower into a bobsledder. His programming was integral to me successfully making the sport switch. Not only did he help me get faster, but he educated me on how I was getting faster. I had never sprinted previous to switching sports, so with Robert’s guidance and knowledge he helped me overcome my technical deficiencies to be successful. I can’t recommend the Speed Doctor enough and his passion for making me better was second to none!

- Steve Stredulinsky

Inner Strength

Our girls are part of the Airblastoff Training Program with Robert. It is an excellent year-round program that is delivering results. Our daughters are seeing the payoff in their team sport of field hockey with speed, endurance and stamina. Best of all, Robert makes running fun. He is engaging and motivating with kids of all ages. We wish we had heard about his training program sooner!

– H Dhillon

Inner Strength

For the past year our two children have been a part of the Airblastoff family.  Over this time, we have noticed a tremendous improvement in their self-esteem, focus on fitness, and athletic performance both on and off the track.  Gold medal Olympian, Robert Esmie has created a fun, positive environment in which our children receive world class coaching. From an educator and coaching perspective, we have been extremely impressed by the Airblastoff program and the growth that we have seen in our children.  We would highly recommend Airblastoff.

– Mike and Cheryl Woode

Inner Strength

Coach Robert is an excellent example of what a coach should be. He has transformed my kids in ways I never saw possible. The speed and stride increase in my son has helped him begin to expand and develop a presence for himself in the football world and is now 2017 BCHS Football Champion. My daughter earned herself a spot on the 2016 BC Summer Games team and that was all attributed to Coach Robert and his training on and off the track. He's a mentor and role model. THANK YOU!

– Marla States

Inner Strength

Thank you, Coach Robert for helping me about techniques such as dorsey flex and dry phase. I know I still have a lot of individual work, but you make it easy to learn and train.

– Athlete

Inner Strength

We entrusted our athlete daughter Zion to Robert Esmie to provide her with the best one on one coaching for her upcoming races and meets.  We found him to be professional and caring and engaged with the athletes.  


He communicated well with us and kept us informed of our daughter’s progress.  Robert cares about what he does and it shows in the way he approaches upcoming meets and goals.  He sets goals that are achievable.  He teaches them how to be independent in their warm ups and cool downs.  He fosters confidence and ability to achieve.  He is always present and available.  He takes his role as a coach seriously and he believes in his athlete’s abilities above all else.  


The one thing that stands out for us as parents is his priority system in ensuring our daughter’s academics and health were the primary concerns before practices and workouts.  I believe that is an impressive and integral ingredient in a coach.  I have no doubt that any athlete under his care and roster will always achieve the best of himself or herself as an athlete



God Bless Robert

– Parent: Steven Nelson and Editha Corrales Nelson

Inner Strength

Every parent wants the best for their child and it’s important to find qualities in a coach that not only shows off their coaching ability but the ability to show empathy, sincerity and genuineness. Coach Robert has manifested all of these characteristics.

‘Before my son Aaron first started being coached with Robert Esmie, he was very discouraged with track and wanted to quit. I feel that he did not have a connection with his previous coach and that particular coach seemed uncaring and unfeeling towards him. The day we switched coaches, Aaron’s attitude changed. Rather than dragging his feet to practice, he was more enthused about going to track practices and enjoyed it.

‘By observation, I can honestly say that Robert Esmie cares for the athletes he coaches. He breathes new life into them giving them more purpose than ever to succeed. What I enjoy the most about Robert is his individual connection that he has with all his athletes and the excellence he brings forth in them.

– Michelle Williams

Inner Strength

I was introduced to Robert Esmie and Airblastoff about 3 years ago while my son, Jayden Martin, was participating in a school track and field meet. At that time, I was just beginning to realize that Jayden enjoyed running and had the potential of becoming a competitive runner. Through Robert and his Airblastoff Program, Jayden has learned breathing techniques, exercise routines, warm-up practices, sprinting techniques and how eating a healthy diet. All these play a major role in training for competitions.

‘Airblastoff's training has also contributed to Jayden’s improvement with his football game in which he has played in two championships. His track career took off and he is the #1 sprinter in the province in the 60m, 100m, 200m, 600m and long jump events. He even medals in high jump and throwing events. Robert's motivational advice and the association with other youth interested in sports has truly helped increase Jayden's self-esteem. He now realizes that a career as an athlete is a possibility, thanks to Airblastoff.

– Stephanie Langan

Inner Strength

Since 2015, we contacted Robert with the intention of improving Roman’s foot speed for baseball. Through Robert’s encouragement, motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm, Roman has not only become a better baseball player (catcher) but also has found a passion for track and field. In baseball, Roman is widely regarded as the fastest and best base runner on both his teams as well as an excellent catcher. Because of the positive results Roman has achieved with Robert, I would not hesitate at all in recommending Robert and will continue to use his program to help Roman achieve his goals

– Phil Guthrie

Inner Strength

We won the BC Provincial soccer championship. It was hard-fought but we prevailed 3-2. It was in large part to your help. The ladies’ speed and endurance were a big factor. With your help, the girls were able to mount a late comeback. We really appreciate your time and energy.

– Coach Tony Sandhu

Inner Strength

Simply put, Robert Esmie delivers what he promises. As a result of the training Carson has received from Robert, he has taken over a second off his PB from the year prior in the 300m in his first year. Although Carson must still be formally selected, he has met the standard time and therefore, technically qualified to run for Team BC in the National Legion Championships! And at this point in the season, he has the fastest times for the 300m and 200m at the club level heading into the BC Summer Games and Provincial Championships. Carson continues to be on top of the podium under the guidance of Robert, his SpeedDoctor coach.

‘Carson attributes his “new” speed to the drills and methods Robert uses, which are varied and challenging. The practices are always focused, efficient and with the added benefit of being a lot of fun! Robert has a special way of engaging everyone while getting the best out of each individual. Perhaps more importantly, Robert’s training goes beyond the physical components and technique. He instills excellence and mental fortitude that elevates the experience for his students and parents alike’

– Chris Bradley

Inner Strength

My daughter Kiana started track in 2016 with a local club. She “participated” and went through the motions of the various types of events, but wasn’t really engaged and excited about track and field until she started training with Robert and the AirBlastOff Sports program. His instruction, guidance and true passion for coaching shine through in the development and growth I have witnessed by many of the children in the program. He is vibrant, full of energy and fully supports and encourages the best for everyone participating. It is wonderful that he makes it fun for the kids but still pushes them to be and do their best. If it wasn’t for Robert, I know my daughter’s experience with track and field would have ended at the end of her session with the past track club she originally started with. Now, I know this will be a life-long sport that will not only fuel and teach my daughter the proper techniques of running, but also aid her in persevering to do her best in anything she attempts. She now can say she is BC JD champion hurdles and with her relay team.

– Meighen Pollard

Inner Strength

Robert has built me an individual program in order to make my dreams a reality. In the 8 years I've been doing track and the 4 years I've trained with Robert, I've gone from being a runner with potential to an elite sprinter/jumper. Each year, my results have improved and am able to reach the standards I've set for myself. Not only is Robert a great coach, but he offers programs and advice in order to work on form, technique, mindset and goal setting. And in all of that, he keeps things fun and my passion for track has only increased over the years. There's never a dull moment and I learn more during every practice. Robert has positive energy and pushes me to be the best that I can be. I am now a Canadian Legions champion’

– Jasmine Lew

Inner Strength

I heard about Airblastoff a month ago from my client. My kids have only been attending practice only a few weeks and I've seen such a difference and lots of improvement. Not only are they learning but most importantly they are having fun! Robert is a great coach and the kids love working with him and I also like how he challenges the kids. I'm looking forward to seeing my kids grow to their potential within the program. And I have no doubt as they are working with the best. I would definitely recommend Air Blast Off to anyone who wants to compete and be in a positive group to grow and learn to seek their own potential in track and field.

– Rhoda

Inner Strength

All About Tennis

I feel like a champion when I train with Coach Robert.  I feel motivated to do better every single time I run with him.  Thanks so much Coach Robert!!

Athlete: Arjan

Coach Robert has helped me tremendously in tennis.  I am faster on the tennis court because of his help.  I feel so strong since I have been with him.  I appreciate it greatly.  Thanks Coach Robert!!

Athlete: Raajan

Robert does an amazing job of keeping the kids engaged in their training and also teaching them to be champions as well as having fun. 

Since our children have been in this program, they have become much faster in just two weeks.  Something their other trainers could not accomplish for a whole year!  

Parents: Parminder and Dr. Jotinder

The AirBlastoff Sports program is phenomenal. Robert is a great trainer, coach and motivator, and as an Olympic gold medalist himself, he makes sure that when he trains you, he tailors the program specifically to your sport and keeps on top of the latest in sports science. When I started the program, I was a tennis player who wanted to branch out into track and field. Robert’s program both started me on the long road to improve quickness, speed and agility and also designed specific drills and training routines to improve my tennis fitness. There were near-immediate and impressive results, but what was incredible is that even more than a year down the line, the foundations that Robert laid in my training in technique have allowed me to continue improving to levels beyond what I could have imagined in both sprinting and tennis.

– Vartan, current vice-captain of the Oxford Athletics Club and ranked number one in the club for the 100m.

Inner Strength

Our son is involved in track and field. We were delighted to have Robert work with him and pass on his vast experience as an Olympic gold medalist sprinter. Robert’s teaching methods and techniques were very helpful and we saw improvements in our son’s speed after just a few short weeks. Robert has cutting-edge methods to improve your overall fitness performance in addition to better muscle tone, endurance and speed. We would highly recommend Robert for performance training for individuals who want a challenging and dynamic workout.

– Mike and Cindy

Inner Strength

What I have been able to accomplish in just 1 month with Robert Esmie has been astounding. I took 0.2 off of my 40-yard dash. I don't know what I was doing before but it wasn't running. The speed, power and agility that Robert has been able to develop and unleash have me more excited to step onto the football field than ever before because I know that I have all the tools I need to dominate. I've worked with a variety of trainers, coaches and pros and can honestly say that there is no one else out there like Robert whether in character, passion and, most importantly, product. I could tire you out by writing more but it’s pretty simple: go see the doctor.

– Chris Mark, UBC Football

Inner Strength

I'm a goalkeeper in soccer and have played on the British Columbia provincial team for the past 3 years. As I made these teams, I knew in order to become the best goalkeeper to my ability, I needed to become quicker, more flexible and more agile. Robert and I have trained together in various environments: dirt mountains, gym settings as well as on a track. I can tell you firsthand that Robert had a strict training plan for me to go on. “The SpeedDoctor” helped me in many areas as a goalkeeper and a person and I suggest his program to any developing athlete. I would like to formally thank Robert and his Airblastoff sports program for the help over the years.

– Brando ‘SOS’ Ciccone 

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