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SUDBURY Registration -open for 2019

Sudbury athletes schedule updates

Monday's  will now be at Laurentain University outdoor main track 

Age  5-12yrs trains at 6pm-7pm (please stay off the track because there are other users)

Tuesday's and Thursday's we will be at the small track from April 30-June 20th

Older group Age 13+ Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's 6:45pm- 8pm and Laurentian main track

*cancelation practice will be posted the day of training within 1 hour before any schedule changes in time/location on Instagram.  

Please note: 

Please use P13 for parking.

This is the large lot by the Ben Avery Pool and is FREE after 4pm. 

The small lot behind the track only holds 14 vehicles and is usually full by the time of our practice starts.

  It’s designed for drop off/pick up for each practice. 

 Parking anywhere along the stadium road will garner you a parking ticket by university security. Thanks!

As we start preparing for competition we will now be separating the age groups for training specific, events specific. 

All training from now until fall will be at Laurentian University.

All membership fees are due in advance before you start training. 

 Fees and levels are 

based on ages as of Jan 2019 birthdate

Usage of our treadmill, gym, pool and lecture rooms are NOT included in our monthly totals ONLY  the 1 year full membership includes gym 

Drop-in rate is $40/session (non-members)

(Airblastoff Lions "club portion" Start up kit available for additional $200)

Please payment options Cash, online, e-transfer [email protected], or cheques (13% Tax) payable to “Airblastoff Sports”.

Location: Laurentian University 

For the indoor season

Airbastoff Group rate $25 monthly for indoor track access 

November 2019 to April 2020

. Monday's training group Ages 5 - 12yrs start time is 5pm-6pm

The ages group  13+ 5:45pm – 7pm

Monday’s Location: MacDonald Cartier HS  address  37 Lasalle Blvd 


Full yearly ABS memberships include the Athletics Ontario registration fee 2019 

and winter LU indoor track pass

Non ABS members will be responsible for cost track access $25 monthly, 

gym, and  treadmill access on the day of those sessions

See our yearly competitive programs below

Blastoff Rascal

Rascal Blastoff (5-8 yrs)

Development Blastoff

 $800 Yearly 

Does not include OA and gym membership

Learn More

Blastoff Junior Dev (JD)

Development Blastoff

(9-12 yrs)

$900 Yearly Does not include OA and gym membership

Learn More

Blastoff Midgets

Advance Blastoff (13-15 yrs)


Yearly Does not include OA and gym membership

Learn More

Blastoff Youth

Mr. and Miss Blastoff

(16 & 18yrs)


Yearly Does not include OA and gym membership

Learn More

Master Blastoff Senior

Master Blaster (19+ yrs)


Yearly Does not include OA and gym membership

Learn More


AB yearly members $80/session


Student $120

Adult $140

Learn More

Agility Add - On

1on1 with coaches $50-$80/session

group of 6 athletes /$25/per

Long Jump, Triple Jumps, Hurdles/Throwing, Foot work

Learn More

Sports Team Training

$300/600/ Session

Learn More

Training Camps


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