Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter and 2x World Champion, Robert "Speed Doctor" Esmie.  

Through Professional Olympic style training programs, Airblastoff Sports provides premium high-performance training to cross-sport athletes of all disciplines. All track and speed workouts are specifically designed to be transferable to any sport and field. As a result, over several years, Airblastoff Sports has housed several Professional athletes and Medalists of all levels including the CFL, NFL, Olympics, NCAA, National Lacrosse League (NLL), International, National and Provincial track. 

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Surrey, Lower mainland, British Columbia and Sudbury, Ontario.

Robert's Bio

Robert was born in Jamaica, home of the world’s best sprinters, and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Throughout his journey of coaching myself back in 95/96 season, He had a vision of success to become an Olympic Champion, Speaker/Business man and family man . We both know that a vision by itself is like a day dream. Robert had to take ACTION. 

He dedicated his first 25 years of my life to his passion: 

running FAST, which lead to:

• Olympic Gold Medalist (1996)

• World Championships Gold Medalist (1995, 1997)

• Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist (1994)

• World Indoor Games 60m Bronze Medalist (1995)

• Fastest 50 meters in the world

• Canadian Track and Field Championships Gold Medalist (1996, 1997)

• Canadian Olympic Committee Hall of Fame

• Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

Blastoff to Success

Robert has been speaking as a motivational speaker for over 20 years.

He has spoken to Millions of people across Canada on different topics.

Working with such companies such as Nike, Adidas, Inco, William Resources, Fisher Wavy and Pioneer Construction Royal Bank, Investors Group, Sunlife, Empire Life, Telus, Bell, SportChek, Rotary club, Cancer Society, United Way, 

BC Winter Games Kids-Sports, Legions National, Sleep Country Canada, Kintec Footwear+ Orthotics, SudburyFive NBL, 

Home Town Hockey,  

 2010 Olympic Alcan BID Tour. Canada 1997 World Hockey, School at all levels and sizes

Now, my next 25 years are dedicated to helping others to WIN.

Topics includes:

Blastoff to Success…Olympic Journey

One bad hand-off can ruin an entire race…Team Work

3P’s Passion, Purpose, Plan

5F’s Faith, Fear, Favour, Focus, Frustration

Power of one’s mind…The Phantom 

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Please contact [email protected] or 705-561-7758