Sudbury Airblastoff Athletes 

COVID19 AIRBLASTOFF Sport group training back on track.

In consideration of each other here are few best practices and guidelines into effect.

It’s very critical that you are honest with COVID19 checklist daily questions:

* social distances will be practicing all the time ( listen to instructor )

* Supply your own mask, handkerchief (possible warm up if needed), gloves (Switching parachute if you don’t own your own, baton exchanges what where goes would be used) and hand sanitizer, wipes for training practices.

* If you have been out of the country please do not attend training (14 days)

* If you have COVID19 like symptoms or flu like sickness please do not attend practice ( including family within your home) see links below

* Respecting punctually start and departure of athletes (call each other

* Team snap communication/Confirm practice to track athletes at practices, program design and Potenial reports to give to the city/ insurance/ covid19

* Registration with new covid19 update sign off.

* All fee’s will not be refundable

• Ensure you have enough food and hydration for the session.

• Each athlete and coach should have a separate zip lock type bag for disposing of any used tissues and gel wrappers, etc. These bags must be disposed of either at home or in the lidded garbage containers in the facility.

• Be aware that changing facilities and toilets will likely not be open. Go before leaving your home

• All athletes should maintain a 2 meter (6ft) distance between each other if they are not from the same household.

• Do not touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

• Do not shake hands or high five to celebrate or embrace.

• Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or the crease of your elbow when you sneeze or cough.

• Do not share food, drinks, utensils, water bottles, towels, yoga mats, etc.

• Athletes are encouraged to bring their own ABHR with them for training, if possible.

• Wherever possible, use your own equipment. Sharing any equipment with fellow athletes should be avoided unless coach provide parachute, tires etc. Your gloves and sanitizer with be used for that session.

• Clean any equipment before and after your training session.

Guidelines we will be mirroring

New COVID19 package offer dates and prices

As planned and structure of training is being designed current ABLions competing athletes confirmed if you will be attending training and looking to compete.

Upcoming new members please state your first choice in you 1 day of training offered. (Groups considers will be age groups, discipline, available etc.

For general information about COVID-19, call Public Health Sudbury & Districts at 705.522. 9200

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Self monitor

Washing of hands



Athletes looking to compete in Track & Field

  1. You are required to sign up with Airblastoff Lions for competitive registration program. 
  2. You will then be signed up with Athletics Ontario and attain a ON competition #
  3. As a JD - age 13 and under are required to do 1-jump, 1-throw, 1-run before a championship meet (example long jump/shot-put/100 meter

Competitive Athletes form

Trackie: Meets

TrackieReg's easy to use event registration system allows for hassle-free registration. Participant information is automatically organized allowing easy importing of registration data into the event management software of your choice

Police check

Online Ordering of Police Checks

Athletics Ontario is pleased to be able to offer a fast, convenient and credible online method to request and obtain your police check electronically. For more information, please visit:

Athletics Ontario membership Types


coming soon


Ru, Jump, Throw 

Run Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) is a national program developed by Athletics Canada that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy. Using track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges lead by instructors specifically trained to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs).

Our goal is to provide a physical activity program that serves as a strong foundation for all sports. Run Jump Throw Wheel assists children in learning to move efficiently so that they grow into adults who are active, productive and healthy citizens.

Any teacher, sport club coach or community recreation leader is capable of delivering the basic Run Jump Throw Wheel program!

Can Tire/Jump Start

Canadian Tire Jump Start:

Focus: Kids aged 4 to 18 from families in financial need can receive funding to help with registration fees, equipment and/or transportation.

Amount: Varies

Available to: Kids 4-18 years of age

LINK to more information:

Kids Sports

Kids Sport Ontario:

Focus: KidSport Ontario provides grant assistance to Ontario children and youth 18 years old and younger who are facing financial barriers preventing them from joining organized sport.

Amount: Varies

Available to: Kids under the age of 18

LINK to more information:

Track Meets