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Phone: Coach Christine  778-875-3973

Email: [email protected]

BC Airblastoff 2018 

Our Resouces

Athletes and Parents focus

Medical Team

Active Therapy +

Kim Brouzes- 705-684–2222

[email protected]

[email protected]

Doctor of Chiropractic and sports chiropractor

Dr. Nicole L Therrien

Phone, 705-855 · Address. 4764-31 Regional Road 15; Chelmsford, Ontario

Wellness Centre -

Joanne - 705-522-2424

She is amazing 

3A's Education


Financial Assistance - If you are using a third party such as: Kidsport, or

Canadian Tire's Jumpstart

United States


If You your an Athletes looking to competing in the USA:

You must communicate with your High School:

Teams / athletes competing in USA high school track meets, need to have a "BCSS Application for Sanction of an Athletic Event" form completed.

Form can be found at:

Form needs to be signed by:

(1) Athletic Director

(2) School Principal

(3) Then submitted to the BCSS office for approval

BC Athletics

Registration with Athletic Ontario

All competitive participants (9+ yrs) must have a current 2018 BC Athletics membership. If you do not belong to a track club, you must register as Unattached competitors.

You must be a BCA registered member before registration to any meets in Canada, otherwise you'll be unable to complete meet registration. YOU MUST READ ENTIRE MEET PKG

Click on competitive unattached

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Airblastoff Lions

Blasting off with Greatness by creating champions OFF and on the TRACK

Why Airblastoff Lions

Create sport minded athletes from multi sport, Athlete focus, Performance driven, Unity, FairPlay, Fun, using or 5 F's system in combinations of our students / athletes focus 3A's system of Attitude, Academics and Athletics

Expectations at events

Be respectful, Be focus, Execute, Fun, 

Perform, PB's, Record, Podium , 

Build friendship